Brows & Facial Hair Removal​

Having great brows and smooth skin can do so much for your complexion, skin condition and confidence!

Brow Scan / Consultation    

During this consultation your brows will be mapped to find the perfect brow shape to suit you. You will also be advised of what treatments & products will help you achieve this.

Full Brow Service - £18.50  

This is the ultimate bespoke brow service, just 5 steps to brow-fection!

Step 1: Brow Scan

Step 2: Custom blended tint

Step 3: Waxing/Threading

Step 4: Tweezing

Step 5: Trimming

This is our most popular treatment and the results speak for themselves!

*Patch test required minimum 48hours prior to treatment.

Brow Shape / Tidy - £11

Your brows are shaped using waxing or threading. For best results, we like to use a combination of both!

Brow Tint - £10

Your brows are tinted using a custom blended colour to suit your colouring and desired style.

*Patch test required minimum 48hours prior to treatment.

Lip OR Chin - £5

Hair is removed from the upper lip OR chin area.

Lip & Chin - £8

Hair is removed from the upper lip & chin area.

Sides Wax - £12

Hair is removed from the sides of the face from cheek to ear where needed.

About our wax​

We use the Sienna X wax range.

Indulge yourself with a wax treatment that combines comfort, luxury and exceptional results.

More 'oooOOOooo' than 'ouch!' That's the Sienna X promise.

Before your Treatment...

  • Ensure you have had a patch test to check for any allergies or skin sensitivity. (Without a patch test, we will NOT be able to do a tint)

  • Although Sienna X waxes can grab very short hairs, for comfort it is recommended that you have at least 3 weeks of hair growth before a treatment (5-10mm)

  • Avoid using tanning products, UV or electrical treatments, sauna or steam rooms for 24 hours prior to a treatment. 


After your Treatment...

​For a complete experience, please follow the below aftercare for the next 24-48 hours:


  • Avoid hot baths or showers

  • Do not expose the area to UV light, sunbeams, sunbathing, heat or electrical equipment

  • Avoid swimming, spa baths or saunas


  • Do not apply lotions or cosmetics to the treated area, other than those we recommended to you

  • Avoid touching the area

  • Beginning a few days after treatment, moisurise daily


Additional Info


Our bespoke brow shaping service, enables us to find the perfect brow shape to suit you...meaning no two sets of brows are the same!

Using a brow mapping technique we find the key points of your brow, which in turn shows us the perfect shape for you.

Our most popular brow treatment, is a Full Brow Service. This includes a brow scan using brow mapping, custom blended tint, and then shaped using a combination of waxing, trimming, tweezing, and threading.

Each step is explained, and shown to you before continuing, to ensure you are completely happy with each stage.

Brows have always been one of Jamie's strong points, making her a 'Brow Expert' and 'Brow Ambassador' during her time working with one of the brow leading, cult make up brands, Benefit you can rest assured, your brows are in the best hands!

Facial Hair Removal

This is a little of a taboo subject for women. 

No one really talks about having their facial hair removed, and think they are one of the only ladies to have it taken is not the case.

A majority of brow clients will ask us if they can have a quick lip wax at the same time, or if we think they need it done.

We will always be honest if you ask, if we can see some hair there, then lets get rid of it..and if we can't see it, we won't wax it. Simple!

A lot of the time, the hair will be that light fluffy stuff that no one else really notices but you always see it (especially in the summer!) Having the fluff removed can really give you a flawless finish!


After having a Full Works treatment your skin looks flawless..the first time after having the treatment, when you put your makeup on, it really does give you an airbrush finish! It really is the ultimate beauty package!


Q: I have over-plucked for years and haven't got very much hair. Is it worth getting my brows done?

A: YES! If you are looking to thicken your brows up, we can leave in parts to grow. Also having a tint, will really help to give the appearance that your brows are thicker and fuller while we are growing them.

If you don't want them too thick but want a more defined shape, that can be done too. 

Q: I already have dark brows, will a tint do anything for me?

A: Having dark brows tinted does wonders! As well as colouring them, it gives a glorious glossy, and healthy finish.

It will also add some more definition and depth to your brows. If your brows are a cool dark colour, some warmth can be added to help your complexion, or the opposite, if you have warm brows and a cool complexion, we can add a little coolness to the colour.

Q: I am very fair, and don't like my brows too dark, will they go black?!

A: The only time we have turned someones fair brows black, is when they have requested for them to be black.

We custom blend our tint for each person to their needs. Its up to you how natural or defined you make them!

If you're not sure, thats no problem, we also go a little lighter until we know exactly how you like them building on the colour, rather than going too dark straight away!

Q: You mentioned you do a combination of waxing, tweezing and threading. Can I just have one method if I prefer it?

A: Yes thats no problem at all! Just let us know at time of booking, but we always have a  consultation before each service, so you can let us know then if there is one you prefer or don't like having.

Q: What is the difference between waxing a threading?

A: Both have difference benefits, and some people will prefer waxing, some threading, its a matter of personal preference. We like using a combination of both for brows. Waxing underneath for a clean and defined shape, and thread along the top of the brows, to tidy and lightly shape.

Threading is a lot kinder to the skin, so will not leave as red as waxing (also another reason we thread the top of the brow) and is great if you are sensitive.

Waxing will get a more defined shape and leaves a cleaner finish.

They also have different regrowth times, threading is around 2-3 weeks, where as waxing is 4-6.

Generally you do not get as much hair around the top of your brows, so it doesn't grow as fast as underneath, another great reason why we do both!

Q: How often should I get my brows done?

A: We recommend every 4 weeks, as the tint would have faded, there is also a good amount of regrowth, without getting out of control.

Q: Do you do HD Brows?

A: Currently we do not do HD Brows, as we do not use HD Brow products. The products used during our brow services are products we have found to give great long last results.

If you are looking for a HD Brow style service, we recommend trying our Full Brow Service.

The steps are very similar to those in a  HD treatment, just without any HD Products.

We will find your perfect shape during a brow scan, your brows are then tinted using a custom blended tint, and shaped using a combination of waxing, tweezing, trimming and threading. The skin is then soothed with our calming after wax Sienna X products, and any redness can be covered if you wish, using our Arbonne Creme Concealer, and we can show you how to achieve the perfect look using our Arbonne brow products, which are available to order in salon.

Q: Will having my hair removed make it grow back thicker and dark?

A: No, we remove the hair from the root, so when it starts to grow back it is a new baby hair, you may find it starts to lessen.

There is no evidence to show it will make it darker. If it wasn't dark before, it shouldn't come back dark.

Each person is different however, if you are unsure how your hair will react, we can always do a patch test to check. Contact us if you would like to arrange a patch test.

Got a question that isn't here? Please contact us!