Intimate Waxing

Bikini waxing can be a bit of a taboo subject with women, and some ladies may feel embarrassed to go, scared that it might hurt, or what it'll be like. It doesn't need to be this way!

We aim to make your bikini wax as relaxed as possible, and each bikini wax is different for each person, so no two waxes are the same.

We will never ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with, and we talk you through the process before your treatment, so that you know what to expect.

We have taken courses and shadowed waxing specialists, picking up skills and techniques to bring you the what we feel to be one of the best waxing experiences.


Upon entering the salon for your treatment, we will take you through to the studio, double check with you the service you have booked for, and run through the process of the treatment.

We then will leave you to change while we wash our hands. On the treatment couch, you will find a pair of disposable underwear if you chose to wear them, a sanitary wipe to clean your bikini area and a towel to place over the top of you.

-Even if you have recently showered, we would still prefer you to use the sanitary wipe, as this prepares the skin for the wax.

For bikini line waxing, you will wear your own underwear, or we have disposable

g-strings available if you prefer.

For Brazilian and Hollywood waxing, we prefer for you to not wear any underwear at all so that we can work quickly and efficiently. However if you are not comfortable with this, we are more than happy for you to wear our disposable underwear. Your comfort is our main concern!

We will guide you through the process and also ask you to hold certain areas to help keep the skin taught (which helps for a more pain-free removal)

We may also introduce our breathing technique to you, which has become something we are known for, as it really aids a pain-free wax, and also feels very cleansing and relaxing.

If you have booked for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, we will ask if you would like us to include your bottom. It is completely up to you whether you have this done, but we must say it makes such a difference when you do!

The process itself doesn't involve you having to lay at strange, awkward angles, feeling like everything is on show! We ask you to lay on your side, with you knees tucked up, and you hand on your hip, then we just apply the wax and remove..then we get you to turn on to the other side and repeat. This only takes about 5minutes (usually less) and most find less painful than a leg wax!

At the end of your treatment, we will ask you to check the area to make sure you are happy with the result. we will then give you some oil and cream to take away any sticky patches and soothe the skin, we usually will give you this to apply yourself in private while you get changed and meet us back in reception when your ready to discuss your aftercare and book your next appointment!

If you would like to know any further information regarding intimate waxing, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here

About our wax​

We use the Sienna X wax range.

Indulge yourself with a wax treatment that combines comfort, luxury and exceptional results.

More 'oooOOOooo' than 'ouch!'

That's the Sienna X promise.

Before your Treatment...

  • Ensure you have had a patch test to check for any allergies or skin sensitivity. (Without a patch test, we will NOT be able to do a tint)

  • Although Sienna X waxes can grab very short hairs, for comfort it is recommended that you have at least 3 weeks of hair growth before a treatment (5-10mm)

  • Avoid using tanning products, UV or electrical treatments, sauna or steam rooms for 24 hours prior to a treatment. 

After your Treatment...

​For a complete experience, please follow the below aftercare for the next 24-48 hours:


  • Avoid hot baths or showers

  • Do not expose the area to UV light, sunbeams, sunbathing, heat or electrical equipment

  • Avoid swimming, spa baths or saunas


  • Do not apply lotions or cosmetics to the treated area, other than those we recommended to you

  • Avoid touching the area

  • Beginning a few days after treatment, moisurise daily

Classic Bikini Wax - £15     

This is the area of hair that would show outside of a bikini. 

We also do offer to go in a bit further (sometimes known as an extended bikini wax) to cater for slightly smaller bikini's.

Underwear is worn for this wax.

Please note: If you require us to go quite far in, this will be charged as a Brazilian Wax.

Brazilian Wax - £28              

The Brazilian wax, also know as the landing strip, leaves a strip of hair down the middle of the bikini area.

Everyone is a little different with their Brazilian, as some prefer to purely have the strip of hair at the top remain and everything else off, where as others prefer to keep a continuous line of hair through to the behind. We will ask what you prefer before taking anything off. We will also ask if you would like your behind included.

Underwear may be worn for this wax if you prefer.

Hollywood Wax - £30          

This wax removes all hair from the bikini area, and behind. Please let us know if you would not like this extended to the behind

Underwear may be worn if you prefer, however we work more efficiently and quickly without for this wax.