Gel Polish

Gel Polish Manicure - £22

The nails are shaped, cuticles tidied and the nail plate is prepped for the gel polish application.

Gel polish is then applied and cured under a LED lamp. We then massage in cuticle oil to the cuticles and the hands are massaged with a hydrating hand cream.

Gel Manicure Colour Change - £27

Your existing gel polish is gently soaked off and the nail and cuticles are tidied and prepped ready for a gel reapplication. The colour of your choice is then applied and cured under a LED lamp. We then massage cuticle oil into the cuticles and the hands are massaged with a hydrating hand cream.

French Polish +£2

Sometimes referred to as White Tips. Due to the extra time required and additional products, we must charge a small fee for a french finish.

Nail Art +£3per nail

Nail art in design of your choice. Nail art must be booked in advance and where possible we ask you send us your ideas ahead of time, incase research or try outs are needed.

Gel Polish Removal - £15

Your gel polish is gently soaked off your fingers or toes, and the nails and cuticles are tidied. The nails are buffed and a strengthening base coat is applied. Cuticle oil is applied to the cuticles and cream is massaged in.

This is followed with a standard nail polished colour if required.

"Looks like a polish but wears like a gel!"

Gelish is a hybrid nail polish, what that means is that it’s a cross between a gel and a nail polish.


Here are a few benefits of having Gelish:

  • It is chip resistant and can last anywhere from 7-21 days. 

  • It adds some strength to your nails, helping to avoid breakages, aiding growth

  • Gelish polish is instantly dry, so you can say a fond farewell to smudges.

  • Application and removal are safe and won't damage your natural nail.

  • Apply Nourish Cuticle Oil twice a day, and more importantly underneath the free edge - It is enriched with oils to rehydrate and condition the natural nail plate and will NOT cause any lifting to your product. Nourish cuticle oil is available to purchase from your nail technician.

  • Whenever you are washing up or gardening, wear gloves.

  • Wear gloves when applying fake tan.

  • Wash your hands after applying sunscreen.

  • Avoid S.P.F. products, tinted lotions and hair colour on your new nails as these can discolour the product, always wash hands throughly after use or wear gloves.

  • If you have caught or broken a nail, please make an appointment for a repair.

  • Your nails have been applied by a professional, for the best care they should also be removed by a professional. If you do decide to remove your nails yourself, please ask for a removal kit and instructions.

  • Do not pick, peel or bite your nails, they are not indestructible. Gelish is designed to create an adhesive bond to the natural nail plate and if picked will cause damage to the natural nail.

  • Book your next maintenance appointment for 2-3 weeks time to avoid disappointment.

  • Use the pads of your fingers rather than your nails for opening car doors, making the bed, etc

  • If wearing a French or pale colour please be aware when using tanning products you should wear gloves to prevent staining of the colour.

  • DO NOT file your nails unless absolutely necessary, take care to file gently and finish in a downward stroke.

  • Avoid exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals such as cleaners or acetone based on nail polish removers. These can start to break down the surface of Gelish and may cause lifting & staining.

  • Finally, take care of your nails! They are not indestructible, but by keeping to these points you can ensure your Gelish/GHG or Acrylic will stay as fresh as the day it was done!