Acrylic Nails

We are pleased to offer acrylic nail services in salon.

Acrylic Nails can be applied as an overlay to the natural nail, or as an extension to add length and strength to the nail, making them great for special occasions and also day to day wear.

Acrylic Nails are relatively new to The Beauty Studio, and this is a skill we are still perfecting, because of this our prices for Acrylic are currently reduced. 

Please note:

This service is only offered after 6pm on certain evenings. Because of this, we are not able to take online booking for this service.

If you would like to book for acrylic nails, please complete the below form.

Health & Safety Note:

The application process involves strong chemicals and fumes - pregnant women are advised not to use acrylic nails during pregnancy.

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Acrylic Nails Aftercare

To make the best of your newly manicured hands, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Always use gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening.

  • Use cuticle oil every night just before going to bed (Gelish Nourish Oil can be purchased from the studio).

  • Moisturise your hands every time after washing hands.

  • Never use your nails as tools.

  • Always use a base coat under nail polish to avoid discolouring.

  • Use non-acetone nail polish remover.

  • Do not pick off the enhancements as this will cause damage to the nail plate.

  • If lifting can be seen please contact us as water and dirt can get under and cause an infection.

  • It is recommended that maintenance appointments should be booked every 2-3weeks.

  • Do not try to do home nail repairs or remove the nail enhancements yourself.

  • Please wash hands thoroughly after using fake tan/hair colour as these may discolour nails.

  • If any adverse reaction occurs please contact your GP.

  • And of course be fabulous and enjoy your nails!

Acrylic Overlay                  

The natural nail is prepared, the acrylic is then applied adding strength to the nail. Great for helping them grow! This is finished with a polish of choice.

Acrylic Extensions           

The natural nail is prepared, and the acrylic extensions are applied. This is finished with a polish of choice.

Acrylic Infills                   

Infills are required every 2-3 weeks to keep your nails at their best. As your nails grow a gap will appear at the bottom of your nail. The acrylic is buffed down, and then gap is reduced as a fresh application of acrylic is applied. This is then finished with a polish of choice.

Nail Repair (per nail)         

Should you have a break or the whole nail has come off, we are able to repair the nail inbetween appointments.

If nail are broken or missing at infill appointments, you will be charged per nail for repairs.

Gel Polish Finish             

Upgrade your polish to a gel finish for a glossy, longer lasting finish.

Acrylic Removal            

The acrylic nails are soaked and buffed to remove from the nail. A conditioning treatment is applied to the nail, and finished with either a polish of your choice, or buff finish.