It's A Long Story...Well Kinda...



Mascara for me has never really been something I get that excited about. It doesn’t really matter what one I use, the result look about the same.


Naturally I have quite long lashes, but not enough volume for my liking. Also as much as I hate to admit it, they are pretty straight. All this thrown together equals a black coating on my lashes from the mascara and not much else. Even lash curlers don’t really do it for me, they may curl my lashes for a couple of hours, but before I know it, they are back down to where they started...hrumph

My eyes are also quite sensitive...some mascaras make my eyes really itchy and watery which is not ideal on a night out! Some of them have even brought me out with an eye infection, leaving me looking like Quasimodo while on a girls holiday (it was one of those moments in your adult life when you really want your Mum!)


So when I discovered Lash Lifts I was over the moon! You may have seen me raving about it with clients  on social media...just’s just amazing!


It gives your own natural lashes volume, length and that all important lift! Suddenly my lashes are reaching up to my brows while I’m reaching up to the sky thanking the Lashvina the Goddess of Lashes for sending this miracle to us mere mortals.

After that, I got the whole mascara madness thing, I could finally see the difference between a mascara that adds length, ones that add volume..and ones that add vavavoom..

But now my search has ended...I have found the holy grail of mascara and I am not looking back...


Ladies, I give you..... drumroll....long suspense pause.....

 It’s a Long Story from Arbonne


You may not have heard of Arbonne before, they are a Swiss company, fairly new to the UK but well established overseas.

I had been sent some of their skin care products to try and loved them straight away so I decided to incorporate the brand in to my beauty studio...more info on this to follow!

Their skin care range is amazing and I had heard good things about their makeup after reading some reviews and decided to give it a go.

I started out trying their Primer, Mascara and new’s safe to say these are now staple items in not only my makeup kit but also my personal makeup bag. I can’t get enough of them...and have new products on the way!

It really was the mascara that stood out for me. It feels really nice and light when its going on...almost to the point I don’t really feel like there is anything there.


The formula is nice and light so it doesn’t clump your lashes together and the fine brush fans the lashes out. The formula also doesn’t dry out on your lashes, which I love. This means it doesn’t go crumbly, which also means I won’t start picking at it in the evening!


Because the brush isn’t too big you can really get in to the corners and nice and close to the root, the brush gently grabs each lash, finely coating and adding length as you go.

A few people have asked me if I have lash extensions on..but no...all I’ve been wearing is this masacara along with my lash lift...that’s how amazing the results of these two combined are!

Another thing that really appealed to me, is that Arbonne do not use harsh chemicals, everything is natural based, gluten and paraben free, and they do not test on animals. So my carbon footprint is pretty happy about this!






Part of me did think before trying the product that it wouldn’t be that great, because it is natural based. Not sure why...I just did... But I think it actually makes it better. The product has real staying power, and I don’t get that annoying smudge under the outer corner of my eye at around 3pm. Plus its water resistant...meaning you’re not going to look like you’ve been left at the alter after getting caught in the rain..but with makeup remover it does come off easily making sure there are no early morning panda eyes!


Cost wise, this retails at £28 which is quite pricey, however I feel the product really speaks for its self, because it is so high performing you don’t use too much when applying, plus it’s a good size for what you get too.

This isn’t available to buy in the shops, but Arbonne have given me a link (here) so you can order your very own. (But speak to me before you buy as I sometimes am able to run discounts and promotions! )



All round I am so over the moon with this product and want to scream it from the rooftops... but seeing as I don’t like ladders...a blog will have to do 


But don’t just take my word for it, give it a go yourself and see just how much you will love it!

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