Let's talk dirty...brushes that is!

I get asked a lot from clients, "do I really need to clean my brushes?" & "what is the best thing to use to clean my brushes?"

It's something we all know we should do but probably don't as much as we should...or at all! 



So why should we clean our brushes?


There are two very good reasons you should keep your brushes in tip top shape...


1 : Hygiene 


This is the most important reason.

A lovely moist makeup soaked brush is a playground for festering bacteria! (That sounds so gross)


 Just think you are harbouring these bad boys in your brushes and then rubbing them all over your beautiful face, and bacteria really loves to breed spots!

...Filthy mountains on your face stopping your makeup from looking fabulous 😒


2 : All about that base


Is your foundation not gliding on as well as it used to? Not sitting or blending in as well as when you first got it? I will merrily put my money on you haven't cleaned your brushes since you got your foundation as your now trying to blend old oxidised foundation with the fresh product resulting in an uneven application...sad times indeed!


So in order to fix these problems...give those brushes a good old clean!

There are many ways to do this, you can use a variety of products but ultimately it's finding the right way that suits you and your brushes.


When I'm working and need to quickly clean brushes between clients I like to use a brush cleansing spray, such as Crown Brush or Clinique. You can usually get one for around £10-£15.


For a deeper clean you can use a product such as Johnsons Baby Shampoo, or a mixture of antibacterial hand wash and olive oil. This will clean and condition the brushes.



Swirl the brush in the product on the palm of your hand to work the product into the bristles. Then rinse off In a downward position under running water. Continue until the brush is completely clean.

It is important to do this with the bristles face down as to avoid water getting into the head of the brush as this can diffuse the glue and cause the bristles to fall out! 



I find with my foundation brush, I do need to do a deep cleanse with the baby shampoo as I use Estée Lauder Double Wear and it can be quite difficult to remove. It really does have staying power!


Make sure that once you have cleaned your brushes, squeeze any excess water out, towel dry and ideally leave to dry in a downward position over night. I like to make a seesaw from my hairbrush and a hand towel and balence the brushes on top.



I really need to get my hands on a Sigma Cleaning Mitt...its on the birthday list!! It looks so amazing, I have quite a lot of brushes and my hand starts to feel a bit funny after a mass clean so this would really help a lot!













If in doubt, just remember this ancient proverb... 

"Look after your brushes young grasshopper...and they will look after you"






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