Acrylic Nail Training

March 23, 2016




For years I have wanted to train for nail extensions, and now I have finally done it!


I attended the Acrylic Extensions course at Lash & Tread Training School in Brighton.

I have used this school before for a couple of courses and always really enjoyed it.

The facilities are good, clean and comfortable, and the course trainers have always been so lovely and full of knowledge.

For this course I had the gorgeous Rachel, I loved her style of training!

She's very 1:1 and hands on, which is great for me as I learn more by doing rather than reading. 


So let's kick off with the very beginning... 

I have a bit of a ritual when it comes to going on courses.

I start the day with taking the dog out for a mini walk, coming back, jumping in the shower, and getting ready.

As you guys know I always wear black in salon and I treat "work trips" in the same way. Smart, casual and comfy keeping my hair and makeup clean and simple. Hair in a poofy side bun and makeup minimal...also I am really loving not having to do as much with my eyes now I've lifted my lashes! Literally saved so much time getting ready! (More about that to come soon!)

I head out about 20mins earlier than I need to so I can stop off at Small Batch to grab a coffee and breakfast to have on the way, my little treat for the day! Then I hop on the bus and I'm on my way.

I'm lucky to live quite centrally in Hove, so it only took me about half hour to get to the taining school.


There was a group of 5 of us booked on the course so nice and small, all the girls were really lovely too! 

We went through the usual at the start of a course, hygiene, health and safety, and what would prevent or restrict you carrying out a treatment. Everyone on the course was all trained at different levels, so for me I already had learnt a lot of this previously, but for some of the other girls, this was new so it was super important to go over.


Then Rachel introduced us to Handy Mandy...the creepiest doll/mannequin hand with rubber finger tips and removable nails to work on.

It was quite strange at first, because it moves like a real hand, so you would forget doing one finger, then the previous finger you was working on relaxes and touches you giving you a silent jump every now and again. Maybe it was just me...because everyone seemed quite at one with Mandy. I guess she's not so bad once you get to know her! 



 After we had a practice on Mandy and made her look fierce, we had a quick lunch break.

My lovely friend Angie kindly offered her nails to me and came to be my model for the day. So after lunch I was let loose on Angie's phalanges.


 It was quite tricky at first getting the acrylic mix right, you need certain areas of the nail to have a thicker bit and other areas to be thinner...but once you work it out you realise a more fluid way of doing it. I'm really happy with them...Angie was really happy with them too which is most important! So gold star to me please!


Even if I do say so myself...for my first ever set I think these look bloody beautiful! 


I am so excited to get started with these in the studio! Nails for everyone!!


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