Pure, Safe, Beneficial ... and just amazing : A skin care revelation

August 31, 2016

About a week or so ago, I posted on social media that I had an announcement coming, and this post was going to explain all….then that evening I had a liittle accident while preparing dinner and ended up spending the evening at A&E with a poorly hand and a red face, which put me out of action for a little with some aspects of work and writing, which I really hated. But I am happy to say everything is healing very well and quickly. Paul has been an amazing nurse for me and the puppies have been on hand for lots of cuddles, so im feeling much better and looking forward to everything getting back to normal!


I just wanted to post this little section before the original post to keep you updated and thank you for all for your pateneince and understanding :)

Anyway…back to the post…




Whenever I am thinking of doing a new treatment or using new products in the salon, I always like to give them a test run first.

If it's not something that I would use on myself, then I definitely wouldn't use it on my clients. 


So for a couple of months, I have been trying out products from a company called Arbonne. 




Arbonne are a Swiss premium brand, their products are botanically based and inspired by nature. 

They are also paraben & gluten free, no harsh chemicals, not tested on animals...and just damn right lovely! 


Their main focus with all of their products is based on three simple words...pure...safe...beneficial, and that really does come across in the quality and care of their products



So how did I come across Arbonne?

Arbonne was introduced to me a while ago by a lovely lady called Jen, who works and swears by this company. She gave me some products to try for a few days and I absolutely loved them, so much so I ended up buying some to try on a long term basis. 


Then came the decision wether to bring this brand into the beauty studio...

Well, I am very happy to say that Jamie-Louise Beauty now provide Arbonne Specialist Facial’s and the products are also now available to order in salon and online!


This means there are now 5 specialist facials to choose from…




Arbonne Express Facial :


This is a great introduction to the Arbonne products  

During this 30 minute treatment, your skin has a deep cleanse, followed by an exfoliation suited to your skin type, a relaxing mask is applied to work it’s magic, then this is all finished with a moisturiser massaged into the skin leaving you feeling fresh and revitalised. 








FC5 Revitalising Facial : 


The FC5 range squeezes the best out of Mother Nature to develop an ideal basic skin regime for everyone. 


Fresh cell technology is used from 5 fruits (kiwi, strawberry, carrot, mango and pumpkin) to help maintain the radiance of healthy looking skin through hydration, moisturisation, cleansing, exfoliation and sun protection.





RE9 Advanced Facial : 


This range is Arbonne’s premier anti-ageing skincare line. 

The formula is powered by 9 major age defying elements plus breakthrough botanicals, and a collagen supporting supplement. 

This means the appearance of fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and more youthful looking skin.

Stop skin from acting its age!











Calming Facial :


The extra gentle formulas developed for this range are designed for skin that is easily irritated to help provide hydrating relief from tightness, dryness, and discomfort. 


The Calm range is clinically tested for sensitive skin, and is fragrance and colourant free, and allergy and dermatologist tested.









Clear Future Facial :


The products in this range have been shown to help reduce acne blemishes and prevent new  ones from forming. 


The secret is in the acne fighting salicylic acid for gentle exfoliation, and soothing botanicals to help moisturise skin.







Each of the range facials (except the express facial) include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and mask with optional hot towel, extraction of any blackheads(if required), a soothing massage using Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil (one of my most favourite products!), finished with application of eye cream, serum and moisturiser.



So there we go… 5 fabulous facials to choose from with an option for everyone! 

So why not book in for one of these facials today, and give your skin the pamper it needs!


As an introductory offer I would like to give you 20% off your first Arbonne Facial with me up to the end of September.

(Please quote ARBONNEBLOG20 when booking. for new and existing clients, offer ends 30/09/2016. Discount valid for one time use only. Booking required and cancellation policy applies)


The Arbonne products are also available for you to order in salon or online. 

Should you wish to purchase products to incorporate into your skin care regime at home, I am offering a 10% discount on orders placed at the time of your Arbonne facial appointment.


I know you guys are going to love these products as much as I do, and I can’t wait to start seeing your amazing results!








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