Christmas Party Countdown

December 7, 2016



The festive season is in full swing and Christmas parties are right around the corner!

Ours at the salon has well and truly crept up so its time for those last minute preparations.


This is my Party-Prep Countdown for the week of your party to make sure you’re party dress ready!




All through the week:

Body Confidence

With our party this weekI am cramming in some last minute training sessions with PMPT. I know I cant suddenly drop a dress size in a few days but it will certainly make the Prosecco and pudding feel a lot less guilt free! 

I also feel more toned and happier with my body after a training session, so I feel like its going to make me feel more confident in my outfit so Im planning on getting a session in early Saturday morning too! (Crazy I know!)


The Perfect Outfit

I always leave outfit shopping to the last minute! I don't know why, but it just turns out that way…thank Santa for next day delivery! Ive ordered about 6 dresses ready to be delivered by Wednesday so I can see on the day whats going to work for me best and return the others (well I might keep one back for NYE) plus ill have backups on the day!



Party-Prep Treatments Countdown:


About 5 days before is wax day, legs, underarms, and the Full Works wax (Brow tint and shape, sides, lip and chin wax…give you a flawless finish!) After this I will be makeup free on my skin for the rest of the week to keep it fresh and clear.


3 days before is facial, body scrub and nails day. 

An express facial is great to get gorgeous glowing skin, and doesn't use any steam treatments to avoid any last minute breakouts! Im also planning on minimal skin makeup after this to keep my skin in great condition.

This is also the day for a gel manicure or new set of nails, don't forget your tootsies if you've got open toe shoes on! 

Don't forget just before bed, have a full body scrub because…


2 days before is Spray Tan day! I like my tans 2 days before an event to get the best colour from it!


(Click here to view prices for any of the above treatments)


The day before you can make sure your outfit is pressed and perfect, I also like to lay my makeup out ready.


The day of the party is the best day of all! I love getting ready, and like taking my time with it and making a day of it! 

Ill be booking for a bouncy blow-dry with the ladies at Outshine so all I will need to do is my makeup, get dressed and pop a cork off the bubbly!

If you are getting a blow dry before your party make sure you shower before you get your hair done! You don't want to risk getting your locks wet and ruining your hair! Also the steam and defuse your do!



There we go! My top tips to get your party ready this festive season!




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