How to survive after your Xmas party

December 12, 2016




Today is Sunday and trying to function and do normal day-to-day tasks is feeling rather difficult... It was the Salon's Christmas Party last night at the Grand Brighton and we had such an amazing time!

But today is a different story...


I've managed to make myself feel a lot more human (it may have taken until 6pm but I did it!)


I woke up this morning to one of the dogs licking the makeup I forgot to take off last night off my face (how naughty was i!) and then my amazing hubby-to-be brought me, what at the time could have been liquid gold, a massive cup of fresh coffee and bacon and eggs..what a babe!

Already I thought I was winning Sunday, so we decided to take the dogs for a walk... it wasn't until I stepped out of my front door that the hangover monster took hold of me.


When we got back I was on a mission to shake the monster off!



Our new flat sadly doesn't have a bath, I really could of done with a good soak today but the shower will have to do!

I felt so grubby this morning, my feet were sore from all the dancing, my head was sore from the wine and my hair was dry from the curling tongs and hairspray.

Before getting in the shower I absolutely smothered my hair in coconut oil and used it to take my makeup off.

I swear by coconut oil! its great for everything! Skin, Hair, Cooking, Coffee! LOVE IT!


Once in the shower I had a good scrub with my Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub. I had a spray tan before the xmas party so didn't want to take the tan off but I needed to get clean! This is great as its not too abrasive but really does the job and leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturised and glowing!


I then had a mini shower facial.

I double cleansed using my Korean beauty cloth and my Arbonne Clear Future cleanser, using the cloth doubles up as a gentle exfoliant which is perfect for day to day cleansing and then popped on my Deep Cleansing Mask while I washed the coconut oil off my hair.




At this point Im feeling and smelling fantastic but my skin is screaming for hydration!

On my face I use my Calm Eye Gel, Soothing Facial Serum and Clear Future Mattifying Blemish Lotion.

On my body I use cocoa butter cream. I love the smell of this and a little really does go a long way!

To finish off the re-hydration operation I smooth my ColorLast Hair Serum over my hair,  it leaves your hair so smooth and shiny! This stuff also smells so amazing! It's a bit like a sweet but I can't quite put my finger on what it reminds me of!



My fingers and toes took a bit of a battering last night! I have 2 broken nails and I must of danced some of my nail varnish off! So they are not looking too fabulous right now *hangs head in shame*

I took all the vanish off and went back to me ol' fav... Coconut Oil! I used it as a nail and cuticle treatment and just rubbed in and left them bare.


Of course, this all warrants copious amounts of tea in the process and is to be followed by fresh pj's, a bar of Galaxy, Christmas movies and a sofa duvet day.





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How to survive after your Xmas party

December 12, 2016

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